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August 8, 2022
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There’s no right or wrong way to grieve. One thing to understand about the grieving process is that it will always be unique. Even if you have lost someone before, your grief will be different thigs time. The professionals at funeral homes in Dayton, OH recommend that you find ways that work for you—healthy ways—and move forward from there. If you’ve always enjoyed and appreciated art, art therapy could offer you a release that you can’t get from other avenues. Here are some things it might do to help you with the grieving process.

Release Emotions Into The Art

If you’ve ever made art before, you might recognize that your mood helps to inform the art. When you’re cheerful, you paint in bright reds and yellows. When you’re down, you might use darker colors. Let your mood and your grief lead the art you create and release those emotions into the piece you are making. IT can help you to vent in a different manner that can feel cathartic to you.

Create Positive Feelings

If art is something that usually brings you joy, it might be no different now, even when you are grieving. As you create something new, even if it has a sad feel to it, it can bring you joy to have that outlet. Don’t feel bad about those positive feelings as you are going to need to feel good in order to overcome the grief and move into the future without your loved one.

Take Your Mind From The Sadness

Grieving is going to be something that comes in waves and if you can distract yourself, at times, and take your mine off the sadness, there’s nothing wrong with that. You will need breaks from that grief and that might mean art. If you are able to feel something different, whether it’s inspiration, hope, or even happiness, it can be good for your grieving process.

Relieve Symptoms Of Grief

Grief generally means sad feelings, but there are physical things that can come along with that grieving process as well. You might have insomnia, for example, or you might feel like your head is always aching. Some of those symptoms could be remedied, or at least relieved for the time being, with art therapy. After you create something, perhaps you will fall into a peaceful sleep or your head will clear and stop aching.

Create A Lasting Memorial

Funeral home in Dayton OHThink about your loved one as you make new art and you might be able to create something special that is a lasting memorial to them. You could paint a picture of their gravesite, a portrait of them, or even an abstract of colors they enjoyed. That special piece of art can help you work out your emotions and give you something that will memorialize your loved one at the same time.

The professionals at Dayton, OH funeral homes have other grief resources, ideas, and options to help you through the grieving process. Give them a call at any time for further suggestions for your planning ahead or immediate need. Visit our facilities now.

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