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August 15, 2022
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There’s nothing easy about the grieving process. You have to do what feels best to you in order to move forward, even if it’s different than what other people around you are doing. Grieve is always going to be unique and different and the professionals at Dayton, OH funeral homes recommend considering, or even trying, to use your grief for good in some ways. How is that possible? You’ve lost someone you love, right? Yes, but you might be able to find ways to turn the grief for good to get through. Here are some ideas:

Support Others Who Are Grieving

You lost a loved one, but so did your family members. All of you are grieving and while you are going through your own emotions, you can use your grief for good by supporting the other people who knew and loved the person all of you lost. Being with others going through the grieving process can help you to feel less alone. And supporting them can also help you to get the support you need to get through this hard time.

Compliment Others

Everyone enjoys getting compliments and when you are grieving (or at other times in your life), it can feel good to give them as well. When you attend your loved one’s final service, and your aunt is wearing a sweater you really like, tell her. If you adore the haircut your loved one’s best friend has, let them know. All of you are banding together to get through this time together and even though you are sad, letting other people know what you appreciate them can boost them up and make you feel even slightly better.

Use Small Businesses In Service Plans

There are plenty of companies in the area that can help you with final service plans, but you can use your grief to better the community by focusing on small businesses that are local in the area. You can use a locally owned flower shop for the wreath you want to get, for example, and a family-owned business for catering. Supporting your community in this way is something your loved one would appreciate.

Use Memorial Funds For Charity

Dayton OH funeral homeMany people will likely reach out to your family with memorial money as a way to let you know they are thinking of you and are sorry for your loss. You can honor your loved one and use your grief for good by donating those memorial service funds to a charity your loved one supported. It might be something they helped with regularly, or something that supports research for a disease that ailed them. It’s not hard to find good charities, but it can be hard to decide between them.

Grieving is never going to be easy, but if you can use your grief for good, it can help you get through the process in a positive manner. The professionals at Dayton, OH funeral homes are here with grief resources whenever you need extra help and ideas if you plan ahead. Visit our facilities now.

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