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August 1, 2022
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Grief feels like the hardest thing you’ve ever gone through, and it likely is. However, do you know what can make it feel even harder? Lack of sleep. You’ve been through enough nights in your lifetime to know that you just don’t feel right when you aren’t sleeping well. When you are also dealing with grief, that compounds the sleep issue that much more. Dayton, OH funeral homes suggest that the grief process can often cause you to have trouble sleeping. Your mind might be drawn constantly to your loved one and the sadness you feel over their death, which might keep you awake more often than not. Here are some tips that might help you to get past that sleep issue so you can deal with the grief a bit better during the day.

Exercise Daily

Exercise is always a good thing for your body, but when you are grieving, you might feel sluggish and unable to do some of the things you normally did. It’s okay to take things slow and simply go for a walk. Even a little exercise can wear your body out enough to help you sleep when the time comes.

Avoid Caffeine Late

While you might be used to a cup of coffee in the morning, the days blend together during the grieving process and you may find yourself drinking it later and later to get through the day. Avoid caffeine after two or three in the afternoon and that can help you to turn off at night and actually get some rest.

Go For A Massage

Even if you are concentrating on your loved one’s needs, you have them as well and that means you have to get as much rest as you can. If you’re having trouble with that, think about going to a spa and getting a massage. That can help to put your body in the right relaxed state of mind.

Create An Oasis For Sleep

You might want to reformat your bedroom to get a good night of sleep. Put in some darkening curtains, put a new cozy blanket on the bed, and consider a white noise machine or relaxation app to help you. The more conducive your room is to sleep, the more likely you’ll be to fall off into wonderland.

Start A Bedtime Routine

Just as you had a bedtime routine for your children, you might need one now to help yourself give the body cues that it’s time to sleep. Read a chapter in your book, drink hot milk, then take a bath, perhaps. Do whatever works for you to wind down and relax so you can get the zz’s you need.Dayton OH funeral homes

Rest Other Times

Sleeping at night might be hit and miss, but you can still rest during the day. It’s okay to take breaks from the preplanning process and get some rest during the day. Dayton, OH funeral homes can help with more tips and grief resources if you are having trouble sleeping while you are working through your grief. Reach out to us for help.

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