When a Memorial Service Makes Sense

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Sometimes a traditional funeral service is the perfect fit. Sometimes it isn’t. Instead, you may wish to consider the merits and benefits associated with a memorial service. These are two very different ways of accomplishing many of the same things. And understanding the differences may help you make a decision that works for you and your family. That’s really the important thing at the end of the day. If you or someone you know is looking for funeral homes in or near Dayton, Ohio, you should know that someone in your area can tell you more about memorial services and whether one might work for you. Having that kind of support and guidance may be instrumental at a time like this, and the right funeral home couldn’t be happier to help.

Glickler Funeral Home & Cremation Service understands that every family is coming from a different place and have very unique needs as a result. Everyone is different. Everyone has different expectations, wants, preferences, and personalities. That’s a good thing. And it means that we can’t just do the same thing for everyone who comes to us. We have to be responsive. We have to listen. And we certainly have to take a number of different things into account.

One of the things we should probably discuss is the idea of a memorial service. Understanding the possibility of a memorial service is a big part of understanding your options, and that’s always a plus. You should be familiar with your options, and you should be in a position to decide between those options. That may mean weighing a memorial service against the benefits associated with a traditional funeral. It may mean a list of pros and cons. It may simply mean giving each option some additional thought or discussing those options with a professional.

These are all good things. The more you know about your options, the better able you will be to find a service that really fits your family. That’s what we are really trying to achieve here after all.

So when would a memorial service make the most sense? Keep in mind that memorial services typically happen weeks or even months after someone passes away. That means that you have a lot of additional time for things like planning and making travel arrangements. If you have a number of friends and family coming in from out of town, a memorial service might make more sense. If you simply want to be a little more involved with the planning process and other preparations, a memorial service might make more sense. These are the kinds of things you might want to think about. They don’t mean that memorial services are always the right answer, but they do indicate that there is a time and place for them.funeral home in or near Dayton, Ohio

Memorial services can also be a little bit more creative or flexible than a traditional funeral. That’s something to consider as well.

If you are interested in funeral homes in the Dayton, Ohio, area, consider reaching out to Glickler Funeral Home & Cremation Service. We are here to talk to you about all of the possibilities. Give us a call when you have the time.

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