Would a Memorial Service Work Better For Your Family?

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Choosing Between a Funeral or Memorial Service
August 9, 2021
Funeral Planning Comes Down to the Right Fit
August 20, 2021
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Choosing between a funeral and a memorial service may be difficult for some. While some families seem to find one of the options obvious or self-evident, others may struggle to determine what really makes the most sense. Each option has its merits. Much depends on you and your family. There may not be a right answer in general, but there is certainly a right answer for you. If you or someone you know is looking for funeral homes in or near Dayton, Ohio, you should know that there is one in your area that can provide you assistance as you make this kind of decision. A little bit of support and information really can go a long way toward easing your burden and making this kind of decision a bit simpler.

Glickler Funeral Home & Cremation Service is always available to speak with you about these kinds of options. We have a lot of experience with funerals and memorial services alike, so we are in a perfect position to explain your options and even walk you through the process. That kind of information can be really helpful as you embark upon this journey. There is no reason to go it alone, and you don’t have to. There are answers. The first step is getting in touch with us and building a relationship. The more we know about you and your circumstances, the better we can advise you when it comes to these kinds of possibilities. Don’t hesitate to give us a call.

There is nothing wrong with planning a traditional funeral. It may well be the right answer for you and your family depending upon your needs and preferences. But you should never feel as though a funeral is the only option. Sometimes it just isn’t the right fit, and you should understand all of the available options as a result. Generally speaking, the main alternative to funerals is known as a memorial service. As with everything, there are advantages and disadvantages associated with memorial services. But they really are an ideal solution for some families, so it is important that you give the matter some thought—especially if having a funeral right away just doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense.

Whereas funerals are typically held just days after losing someone, memorial services may be held weeks or even months later. This obviously gives you and your family some additional time to make plans and arrangements. That additional time may be extremely helpful for any number of reasons. First, it allows you more of an opportunity to actually focus on the service itself. Remember that you may wish to have some input when it comes to planning the service, and extra time certainly makes that possible. Second, the additional time may make it easier for friends and family to attend. This is especially true when people are coming in from out of town.

Sometimes memorial services are a bit less formal than the average funeral. You may have a little more flexibility in terms of what the service looks and feels like. While the body of the deceased won’t be present (unless it has been cremated), memorial services are still a perfectly legitimate way to pay respects and remember someone in a dignified fashion. That’s the important thing.

If you are interested in funeral homes in the Dayton, Ohio, area, consider reaching out to Glickler Funeral Home & Cremation Service. We handle any number of events, and we understand that you may well be interested in something a little bit different. After all, every family is very unique. It is critical that we respond to those needs and listen to you throughout this process. Give us a call whenever you are ready.

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