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September 19, 2022
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There are many different options for Dayton, Ohio funeral homes, and those options give you choices that are very important to your family, as a whole, when you plan final services for someone who has died. While you are going to want to look into the funeral homes themselves, their location, their history, their experience and so on, you also want to look directly at the funeral director. There are certain things you are going to want in that person as they will be directly involved in helping you with your loved one’s plans. Here are a few qualities you want to watch for.

An Open Friendliness

Funeral directors should be very open, friendly people. They are the kind of people you feel automatically comfortable with. When you are already grieving and working through funeral plans for a loved one, the last thing you need is to be met by someone who doesn’t make you feel completely comfortable with the process. When you talk to the funeral director by phone and, eventually, in person, watch for that friendly nature that draws you in and makes you feel like a long lost friend.

Unending Support

You need all the support you can get during this hard time and the funeral director should be the very first person to offer it to you. They understand grief and they know how to support someone in your position. They will reassure you that your loved one is going to be in good hands and they will let you know that they want to honor that special person in whatever way you see fit. Their support through the plans can really help you get things done in an efficient manner.

Deep Compassion

Funeral directors are often naturally compassionate people and they get a lot of practice at it, too. Not everyone knows how to treat someone who is going through the grieving process, but they do. You should feel their compassion from the very first conversation you have with them and in every one following that, too.

Professional Knowledge

You want your funeral director to know what they are doing and to help you to understand what you need to know so you can make decisions. When you have questions, they have answers. If there’s something you are missing, they will bring it up. They have the know how you need on your side to get through this time.

Appropriate Ideas

Dayton Ohio funeral homeYou don’t have to plan final services very often and you might get stuck on some of the plans. You want a funeral director that has ideas, but not just any ideas. They should have options in mind that could very well suit you and your family. They take the time to get to know you and offer suggestions that might match what you want for your loved one.

When you are trying to arrange Dayton, Ohio funeral home services, get to know the funeral director and look for the qualities you want in that person. Reach out to us.

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