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Any funeral home in Dayton, OH is going to have plenty of options available to you when you lose a loved one and need to plan final services. Some choices may be harder to make than others. You might already know that you want cremation for your loved one, but do you know what kind of memorial service you want? If not, that’s okay. You don’t have a timeline on any decision once the cremation is complete. Instead of concentrating on things that don’t have set times on them, consider the decisions that you really do have to make right away. If you have decided on cremation, one thing you have to decide soon is whether or not you want to watch the cremation process take place. It’s not for everyone and that’s okay, but here are some reasons you might want to take the funeral home up on that option.

To Gain Closure

Funeral services are known for giving people closure. You know what to expect from these services and you have the opportunity to get used to the idea that your loved one is gone and they are not coming back. With a cremation, you may not have that same change, so witnessing the cremation can be a way to get the closure you need. You don’t want to go through this event alone, but take some close family members who might also be seeking closure from the process.

To Get That Final Goodbye

It can feel very important to you to say goodbye to your loved one, even though you know they are already gone. Talking to them when you see them before the cremation takes place and watching the process can help you to get that final goodbye in. You leave nothing unsaid and they go into cremation with your last words to them being loving and kind.

So Your Loved One Isn’t Alone

Your loved one is dead, but their body is still important to you and you might not feel right leaving them alone for the cremation process. When you witness that process, they don’t have to go through it alone and being there for them through it can help to give you peace of mind as you move forward.

Be Together With Family

It’s always best to gather immediate family for this process and being with them during the process can help you to support one another. This is something that can bond you together as well as it’s not something you experience with just anyone.

To Honor The Person You Losefuneral home in Dayton OH

You can honor your loved one in a number of ways after their death with funeral homes in Dayton, OH. And you can start that honoring process by witnessing their cremation, if you so choose to do so plan ahead now. You can follow that up with a memorial service or anything else you want, but just being there for the process can be a nice start to honoring their memory in a nice way, reach out to us.

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