Picking out Flowers for Funerals

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Sending flowers to funerals at funeral homes in Englewood, OH is a way of supporting a family that is grieving the loss of a loved one and to show honor to the person who has died. Different flowers – and plants – symbolize different attributes when they are used for funeral services. Knowing these can make choosing flowers much easier.

There are four basic types of flower arrangements for funerals.

One type is a funeral spray, which is a collection of flowers arranged within a wire holder that is designed to lie flat. There are two types of funeral sprays: single-ended and double-ended. Single-ended funeral sprays are usually displayed on a stand. Double-ended sprays are laid on top of the casket (they are called casket sprays), and the immediate family provides this spray for the funeral.

Another type of flower arrangement for funerals is floral arrangements. These can be customized to use different types of flowers and are displayed in a pretty vase.

Living plants are another kind of flower arrangement that is used for funerals. The advantage of plants is that the family will have a permanent memorial from the funeral service.

Wreaths are the fourth kind of flower arrangement that is used at funerals. These can be laid on the casket or displayed on a stand.

So what kind of flowers should be included in an arrangement for a funeral? There are five varieties of flowers that are commonly used in funeral flower arrangements.

Lilies symbolize innocence. Lilies offer the suggestion that the soul of the deceased has, in death, returned to a state of peace and innocence.

Another member of the lily family, the peace lily, is a symbol for harmony, purity, and rebirth. Usually these are sent to the funeral as plants, so that the family will have them to take home with them after the funeral.

Roses can symbolize many things. White roses are considered the truest expression of spirituality, innocence, and purity. Red roses can symbolize both great love and deep grief. Yellow roses symbolize close friendship.

Orchids symbolize never-ending love.

Carnations come in different colors, which have different meanings when used in funerals. White carnations symbolize innocence and purity, while pink carnations represent remembrance and pure love.

Funeral etiquette for sending flowers to a funeral should be followed, and there are few considerations that determine what finally gets sent.

The first consideration is your relationship to the deceased person. The closer you were to them, the more elaborate the arrangement should be. Immediate family members usually buy the casket spray, wreaths, and larger sprays for the stands. Close friends and extended family also usually buy flower sprays.

If your relationship to the deceased is more casual or is work-related, a small floral arrangement or living plant is the best option.

The second consideration is how much to personalize your flower arrangement by adding in flowers that are not traditionally used in funerals. Stick with what you know unless the family requests otherwise.

A final consideration is whether the requested a donation instead of flowers. While you can still send flowers to the funeral, be sure to honor their request for donations.

And, finally, make sure that your full name is on the card sent with the flowers. The family will want to thank you for them, but they may not know which John or Jane you are without a last name.

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