How To Honor A Loved One On A Smaller Budget

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There are many different ways to honor someone who has passed on. The first thing you will want to do is contact one of the Dayton Ohio funeral homes and place your loved one in their capable hands so you are able to get their needs met. After that, you can honor your loved one in whatever extra way you might like to do so. Here are some of the things you can do to give them a final send off and grieve in the way you see fit.

Make A Photo Tribute

You are always going to have memories of your loved one and that is something that will always live on. Another thing you likely have is plenty of pictures of them. You can make a photo tribute to them, whether it’s in memorial video form, a slideshow, or in some other way. That tribute is something you can share at their memorial services, but it is also something you can keep and appreciate as the years go by.

Create A Scrapbook

Scrapbooks are very special and take time to put together. You can use pictures, movie ticket stubs, newspaper clippings, or anything else you want to include. It can be cathartic to put the scrapbook together and it can be a real keepsake for you as well. You might want to share it with family, or just look through it yourself when you need something to remind you of that special person.

Use Music To Convey Emotions

Your loved one enjoyed certain music and when you listen to it, you think of them, remember them, and appreciate them all over again. You can also use other songs that have special lyrics to help you through your emotions. When you want to grieve, listening to the right song can help you to get your emotions out and there’s no cost to this process at all.

Plant In Their Honor

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If your loved one adored gardening, there’s nothing more honoring to them than planting something for them in their honor. It can be as simple as a packet of seeds with various flowers, a tomato plant, or another garden item. Or, you can get a tree and place it in your hard to memorialize your loved one with new life.

Repurpose Their Belongings

Your loved one left behind possessions and you might want to repurpose some of them into something you can use to remember them. For example, their old favorite shirts can become a quilt. There are plenty of things in their home that you might be able to use in a different way to memorialize them.

Create a Memorial Website

Something that your family members can appreciate along with you is a memorial website that you could create online. They can post pictures, read what you’ve written, and join in on the healing and grieving process as a group. If you want other ideas on things you can do on a budget, Dayton Ohio funeral homes have options which you can plan ahead. Reach out to us now.

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