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Dogs in Funeral Homes Provide Comfort Funeral Homes in Dayton OH 002

Therapy dogs in Funeral homes in Dayton, OH may be something you see, following a national trend among funeral homes to use dogs to comfort bereaved families. These dogs are specifically trained as therapy dogs.

For many years, the recognition that dogs and people generally have a very symbiotic and comforting relationship has brought therapy dogs into nursing homes, assistive living facilities, hospitals, hospice facilities, schools, and even disaster sites, like Ground Zero at the World Trade Center.

Dogs in funeral homes automatically make grieving families feel welcome. Instead of walking into a dreaded and cold, sterile environment (which many people believe funeral homes are, but they, in reality, tend to be very warm, nurturing places) to make arrangements to lay someone to rest, the addition of dogs takes the edge off of the anxiety and stress that a family feels after a loved one has died. They provide a calming effect, and they make the process of funeral planning easier.

Animals have a positive emotional effect on humans. They also have a documented physical effect on things like blood pressure and cortisol (the stress hormone) levels. Petting dogs increases positive neurological chemicals, including serotonin and dopamine, which can improve overall moods. Dogs are our traditional best friends. So what could be better than having your best friend there at the funeral home while you are planning and attending a loved one’s funeral?

Dogs symbolize unconditional love, and the presence of therapy dogs in funeral homes can especially help comfort children who are coping with the death of a close family member, whether it’s a sibling, a parent, or a grandparent. Death for children can be confusing and bewildering, as well as traumatically sorrowful, so having a therapy dog that the children can pet, hug, and even talk to can go a long way in helping children cope with grief.

Having therapy dogs in funeral homes is also a very comfortable addition when the grieving family gathers before the funeral service. The dogs will make sure everyone gets attention and most dogs are well-attuned to emotions and they will naturally spend a little more time or stay near to people who are having the hardest time with the death and the funeral process.

It is not unusual to have therapy dogs at a funeral or memorial services, where they can ease the grief, anxiety, and feelings of loneliness that a bereaved family experiences when they love a loved one. Having a therapy dog at these services, though, can often change the mood of the entire room, because of the strong emotional connection people have with dogs.

Certified or registered therapy dogs are usually in funeral homes. These dogs are trained to be therapeutic, so funeral homes and families can be assured that all the interactions will be positive and that the dogs will provide a high level of comfort to all kinds of people.

However, some people aren’t dog people or they’re afraid of dogs (generally, because of a childhood incident where a dog chased or bit them). Therapy dogs are trained to know when people want to interact and when they don’t, and they don’t get offended either way.

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