Creating Memorials Outside of the Cemetery

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After funerals at funeral homes in Dayton, OH, the first place we will create a memorial for our loved one who has died will be at the gravesite itself. By placing gravestones that are often decorative and ornately designed, with all the pertinent facts about our loved one permanently etched upon it. We go throughout the year to cemetery and lay flowers and other symbols of love at the gravesite.

However, there are other ways outside cemetery that we can create memorials for our deceased loved ones.

One of these ways is to create a public memorial. An option for creating a public memorial for deceased loved one is to have a memorial bench commissioned and placed in a public area. These public areas can include sports stadiums, parks, educational institutions, hospitals, walking trails, and local and state government buildings.

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Not only is this a way to pay permanent tribute in a public space to our loved thing that has died, but it also provides a place for people to sit, to rest, and to visit.

Another way to create a memorial for our deceased loved one outside the boundaries of the cemetery is to have something dedicated in their memory. This can include roads, bridges, statues, museums, and buildings, to name a few.

For instance, if our loved one graduated from a high school or college that they were also an ardent supporter of for the rest of their life (working there, providing financial support, volunteering time, etc.), then it is appropriate to ask that a building or sports field associated with that education institution be dedicated in memory of our loved one.

Establishing a foundation that bears our loved one’s name is another way we can create a memorial to them outside of the cemetery. These can include things like a trust, charity, or scholarship program. These will all be nonprofit foundations that will benefit or help people that our loved one advocated for while they were living.

That we can create a memorial outside the cemetery for our deceased loved one is to create or sponsor a community event. This can be anything from a fundraiser for charity to a block party that is help for the neighborhood every year. Some common memorial ideas for events or events themselves are to sponsor a float in an annual parade, create a sports tournament, create challenges (baking contests, cooking contests, BBQ contests, etc.), and to sponsor an art exhibit.

Memorial gardens are very popular way we can create a memorial outside of the cemetery for our loved one who is died. We can create these, with permission, in local parks, at homeless shelters, schools, commercial buildings, and community centers. A memorial garden will add a little more beauty wherever we just create it.

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A final way to create a memorial outside of the cemetery for loved one is to set up a memorial website for them. This is different than the memorial page that Facebook turns our loved one’s account into when they die. On a memorial website, we can post memories, photos, and tributes to our loved one in the form of posts or blog entries. WordPress, Wix, and Squarespace have free website options that are easy to set up and have an easy-to-use click-and-drag interface.

If you’d like ideas for creating memorials after funerals at funeral homes in Dayton, OH, our compassionate and experienced staff at Glickler Funeral Home & Cremation Service can help. You can come by our funeral home at 1849 Salem Ave., Dayton, OH 45406, or you can contact us today at (937) 278-4287.

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