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Etiquette Rules for Funeral Ceremony at Moraine, OH Cremation and Funeral Home

When a friend is grieving the loss of a loved one, you'll want to show the same support that you'd expect them to show you if your circumstances were reversed. But if you unwittingly break some funeral ceremony etiquette rules, you could end up offending someone or flat out embarrassing yourself. So before you head to the service at a Moraine, OH funeral home and cremation facility, be sure you know what is expected of you in terms of behavior, decorum, and dress. It is true that many of these rules of conduct are in fact unwritten rules, but you would do well to observe them all the same since they’re important.

Here are some of the more common funeral ceremony etiquette tips that you need to be familiar with before heading out to the funeral ceremony.

Go to the Service at the Moraine, OH Cremation and Funeral Home Chapel

It goes without saying that you need to actually be at the funeral ceremony in the first place. Unless you have a really good reason to miss it, you should be there to support your friend and the other members of their grieving family. Your attendance will demonstrate that you care. You can also offer condolences and offer a sympathy gift. The ceremony, remember, is an important tradition when it comes to families burying their deceased relatives. The best gift you can offer is your presence. So make every effort to be there. If you simply can’t, try to at least pay your friend a visit to offer personal condolences and to offer to assist in any way you can. An in lieu of attending the funeral, you might also consider at least attending a viewing.

Arrive in a Timely Fashion

You don’t want to arrive late. A funeral ceremony can be a solemn event. Do you want to be the one who enters the church or chapel during the eulogy? People who arrive late at funerals often disrupt the flow, and this can be all the more the case if they’re forced to find a seat in a packed place. Avoid this trouble by arriving on time. You should aim to get there about 15 minutes early. This will give you the opportunity to sign the guest book, offer condolences to the family of the deceased, and to find somewhere to sit. Also, be sure not to sit in an area designated for the immediate family – unless you’re close to the family and have specifically been asked to sit there. You don’t want a situation where you’re asked to find somewhere else to sit down. That will be equal parts humbling and embarrassing.

Dress Properly

Gone are the days when people had to wear all black at funeral ceremonies, but that doesn’t mean that you should attend dressed as though you’re heading off to the beach. The focus should be on the deceased and their loved ones, so make sure that your outfit doesn’t attract unnecessary attention. Dress the way that you would deem appropriate if you were getting ready to attend an interview for your dream job. You won’t go wrong if you go this route. A few points to consider: steer away from loud colors, don’t wear anything too tight or revealing, and avoid wearing sneakers. Otherwise, there is a lot of leeway with regards to what you wear. You just don’t want to upstage the deceased and their family members.

Turn Off Your Smartphone

It would be inconsiderate if your smartphone were to ring during the funeral ceremony. Even if it’s an honest mistake, you will be embarrassed by the mishap and could upset the grieving family. At the very least, it will disrupt the proceedings. It’s best, therefore, to ensure that your phone is turned off during the funeral ceremony. Another possible alternative is to switch the ringer to the vibrate mode so that there is no audible ring. Even so, the vibrate mode can distract people who are seated nearby. But if you must have access to your phone in case of emergencies, then switching it to vibrate mode could be a suitable compromise.

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