Writing The Funeral Program For Your Loved One’s Services

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When you decide on traditional services for a loved one with Dayton Ohio funeral homes, there are many things that are going to go into that day. Funerals are traditional and ceremonial and one part of the event that you might put into order is a program. The program is something you can have someone pass out at the service that will help people to know the order of the events, a little about your loved one, and what to expect from the day. Many keep those programs and use them as a memorial of the day you honored that person in that way. Here are a few things you will want to do as you plan to write up that special program.

Read Examples

First, you might want to read through examples of other programs that people have put into place for their own loved one’s funeral services. That can help to give you an idea of what you want to do for your loved one. Funeral homes have plenty of examples for you to read and you can also find them online.

Get Nice Paper For Printing

You will want nice paper for the program. You might get something in an off-white, or you might want a picture on the front. The picture could be of a dove, a cross, an angel, or a field of daisies, among other things. The paper will likely be thicker than normal paper so it’s easier to keep long-term with less damage.

Think About Fonts

There are many different fonts you can use and you want something that is readable and perhaps has a little style and elegance to it. You can use different fonts throughout the program as well. You might have a certain font for your loved one’s name while another font works for the order of events.

Include Loved One’s Info

Most programs are going to have information about your loved one in it somewhere. You might place their obituary or you may expand on that and include other details. You might also like to have a picture of your loved one in the program or even on the front cover. That makes it even more special and unique and even more of a keepsake.

Write Out The Order Of Events

One of the primary reasons to have a program is so you can write out the order of events wo anyone who attends can follow along and knows what to expect. If certain people are doing certain things, like offering a song or a reading, list their names as well so everyone knows who they are.

Place Charitable Donation InfoDayton Ohio funeral homes

Another things Dayton Ohio funeral homes recommend placing in the program is a listing of the charitable organization that you might want people to donate to when they want to honor your loved one. Place the name, the reason to donate there, the address, and other contact details so anyone can find them and donate with ease to honor your loved one. Tour our facilities now to plan ahead.

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