Why Do We Use Headstones?

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There are a lot of things about death that you might not understand. That’s completely normal. In reality, no one knows everything about death. But funeral homes Dayton Ohio have professionals on staff who work with the final service process on a regular basis and they make it their job to understand a lot more about it than most people do. They know, for example, why headstones are used and even the history behind certain services. Here are answers to questions about headstones.

To Tell Graves Apart

Imagine a cemetery without headstones. There would be lots of plots, but no one would be able to tell them apart. No one would know who was buried where and where one plot started and another ended. It would look like just another field and you might not even recognize it as a cemetery if you were just to be driving by.

To Identify Those Buried

When you bury a loved one, you want everyone to know who is buried there. It’s a nice way to remind you where to go in the future when you want to visit, but it tells anyone who wanders by on their way through who is buried there. It’s a permanent memorial. If you didn’t have the headstone, no one would know who was buried there and you might not remember your loved one’s exact spot in the future, either.

To Remind Family Of The Deceased

The headstone is something the family has to look at and read over when they visit the cemetery in the future. It will remind them of their loved one, their birthdate, death date, and other special details you might include on it. Without the headstone, your family would just be looking at grass and have no permanent reminder of their loved one at all.

To Follow Cultural Traditions

Headstones are culturally accepted and have become a tradition over the years. Many families like the traditions that go along with funeral services and getting a burial plot, complete with a headstone, is part of that tradition. Many people don’t care why headstones are used. Since they are the tradition within the culture, that’s why they continue to use them and that’s all there is to it.

To Honor The Loved One

funeral homes Dayton OhioThere are many ways to honor your loved one when they pass on and you might want to mark their grave with a special, unique headstone in order to show your love. Honoring them with a headstone is a nice way to give them a permanent memorial and it marks their resting place for the many years in the future.

There are no right or wrong choices when you work with funeral homes in Dayton Ohio on final services for a loved one. All of the choices funeral homes offer are honorable and respectful. If you bury a loved one in the cemetery, you are likely going to have a headstone installed to mark where they are resting. The funeral home can help with those details as well see our testimonials.

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