What to Consider Before Hiring a Memorial Service Photographer

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What to Consider Before Hiring A Memorial Service Photographer Camera 001
Memorial service photographers provide a service that is increasingly in demand. They are there to serve the needs of the mourners and honor the memory of the deceased person through photographs taken of the service. These considerations can help to decide whether having a funeral photographer would be the right fit for the memorial service you’re planning.
Attendees May Frown on the Presence of a Camera

Although the popularity of funeral photographers has grown, some people may still frown at the presence of a photographer. Anticipate the possibility of getting flak for hiring the photographer and prepare a response. That way, you won’t get caught off-guard and be tempted to respond hastily in the heat of the moment.

You may also be able to prevent a negative reaction by explaining the presence of the photographer in the funeral program. You may simply include a sentence or two about the photographer and why you chose to have one at the funeral.

People Who Can’t Attend May Want the Funeral Documented

Whether it’s because of work obligations or financial limitations, sometimes practical considerations prevent people from going to a memorial service they want to attend. Pictures taken at a funeral can help friends and family members who can’t go the funeral. Photos can preserve some of the highlights and special moments of the service.

Seeing the goings-on of the funeral may even help those people feel as if they get to be a small part of the service. You may choose to make a video collage where you provide narration to help explain what is happening in the images. If several friends and family members can’t attend, the collage can be a way of sharing the service with multiple people at once.

Photographs Offer a Visual Record of People Who Supported You

Tender moments are often captured in photos taken during a memorial service. The photographer can preserve seconds of grace within a difficult event. The pictures may even help you gain perspective on how many supportive loved ones came to the funeral to show their love and support for you and the deceased person.

Before the funeral, you will have the opportunity to discuss your needs and preferences with the photographer. If you want to be sure that certain family members are a focus of photographs, you can let the funeral photographer know what you want to capture.

Remembrance Books Can Be an Extension of the Memorial Service

You can use the photographs taken at a funeral to create a remembrance book of how your loved one’s life was celebrated at the memorial service. While the funeral is still fresh in your memory, you can write down text to match the photographs. In years to come, that will provide insights about what was happening at the funeral during the moments that were captured in pictures.

The photographs can play an important role in preserving the memorial service for yourself and other family members. When you place them in a remembrance book, you will be able to easily share them with others and remember how so many people came together to celebrate the life of your lost loved one.

Professional Photographers Capture the Feelings Involved in a Funeral

A memorial service is ultimately a celebration of a life and how the deceased chose to spend that life. It is sure to bring a rainbow of emotions to the surface for many people who attend the funeral. Because an experienced funeral photographer will know the ins and outs of being discreet a service, he or she may be able to capture moments without interrupting them.

Finally, a memorial service photographer can be a nice addition to some services while it wouldn’t be right for others. Trust yourself to make the right choice when it comes to all aspects of planning your loved one’s funeral. Contact Glickler Funeral Home & Cremation Service when you are ready to discuss the burial and memorial service options for your loved one.
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