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How to Choose a Cemetery
August 3, 2020
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Why We Have Funerals
August 17, 2020
The Popularity of Cremations Cremation Services Offered in Dayton OH 002

The cremation services offered in Dayton, OH are very popular among people who are making funeral arrangements for loved ones. It’s a trend that is being repeated all over the United States, as funeral homes are seeing fewer people choosing to be buried, and many more people choosing to be cremated when they die.

There are many reasons why cremations are becoming the preferred funeral option for so many people.

One reason for the rising number of cremations across the country is that cremations offer much more flexibility than burials do. When a loved one is being buried, everything in the funeral process must take place within a limited amount of time. That means viewings, funeral services, and burials often occur with no more than about one week’s time.

However, with cremations, there is flexibility with time. When your loved one is cremated, the cremated remains are returned to you (in the urn you choose or in a cremation container if you haven’t yet chosen an urn) for safekeeping. But you get the choice of when and where to have the memorial service to honor the memory of your loved one.

This is a very good option to have during the COVID-19 pandemic when indoor and outdoor gatherings are still restricted. You can wait until all those restrictions are lifted and have a full memorial service any time after that for your loved one.

Another flexibility that cremations offer, which burials do not, is how to use the remains of your loved one. You can choose to have some of their cremated remains placed in a memorial urn that you will keep and into keepsakes for other immediate family members to keep.

You can have some of your loved one’s cremation remains used to create wearable memorial jewelry. You can opt to scatter some of your loved one’s cremation remains in their favorite place or in someplace that was special to you and them.

There are many other things that you can do with your loved one’s cremation remains, so you have lots of different ways to remember them and to keep them close by as well.

Another reason for the increased popularity of cremations in America is that cemeteries across the nation, especially in urban areas, are simply running out of space for burials. To acquire additional land to expand existing cemeteries to make them larger is, in some cases, impossible because there is no more land around the cemeteries to purchase.

If the land is available, the cost to purchase it for cemetery expansion is often cost-prohibitive. While cemeteries are working to expand their capacity by building up (columbariums, for example, where loved ones who have been cremated can be stored in individual niches), the reality is that the amount of space in many cemeteries is finite.

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Cremations are also a popular choice because of American mobility. Fewer Americans live in one place all their lives. As younger generations leave home to join the military, to go to college, or to seek better opportunities, they tend to get further and further away from their homes.

This first move away is often followed by successive moves from place to place for career advancement, for children, or for health.

However, many people, no matter how many times they move or how far they go away from their homes, want to go back home after they die. It is much easier to transport cremation remains than it is to transport a casket to make sure they are able to return home.

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