Putting Burial And Cremation Services Together

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August 22, 2022
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When you think about cremation services, what kind of resting place comes to mind? People most often associate scattering services with cremation and that is a very popular way to go. You probably think about cemetery burials when you consider funerals with the professionals at funeral homes in Dayton, Ohio, right? You can also mix things up and place cremation services and burial together. Here are some of the reasons why many people go that route.

To Keep Remains Safe And Secure

There’s something to be said about knowing your loved one’s remains are safe and secure. It can give you peace of mind to know where they are and that they are well protected. While there’s nothing wrong with scattering ashes and it’s an honorable way to go, you might feel as if you never really know where your loved one ended up or what happened to them. With burial, you know where they are and you know they are safe and protected long-term.

To Follow Traditions

Cremation has been around for thousands of years, but many people still see it as a non-traditional disposition method. If you go with cremation services, you might want to move ahead with a cemetery burial to instill some traditions into the process. Perhaps your family always goes for burial and that’s a nice way to wrap up the services for your loved one.

To Reunite Loved Ones

You may have other family members buried in a certain cemetery and you like the idea of the most recent family member joining them in the same location. You can get a cremation plot as close to the others as possible and they can all be in one place. It’s nice for them, but it’s also nice for you and other surviving family members so you can visit them all at one time.

To Have A Permanent Memorial

It’s always nice to memorialize your loved one after their cremation and while services are always a good way to go, those services come and go. When you bury your loved one in the cemetery, you can place a permanent memorial in that location for them. Their headstone is something that will always be there and you can visit it and see it, remembering them, whenever you want.

To Give Family A Visiting Spot

Funeral home in Dayton OhioYour family might want to visit your loved one at their resting place and when you go with a cemetery burial, they can. They know where your loved one is and they can visit them whenever they want during the cemetery’s visiting hours. It can be nice to have a place to go to honor that person again.

When you are looking into options for a loved one’s burial after their cremation, funeral homes in Dayton, Ohio can certainly help you. They can talk to you about the process and help you seek help from cemetery professionals in the area who can show you plot options, prices, maintenance items, regulations, and other things you will want to know before moving ahead.

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