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Preplanning your funeral at funeral homes in Dayton, OH has many advantages for both you and your family. While many people are uncomfortable talking and thinking about death, death will come for everyone. We plan for everything else in our life that we expect to happen, so death should be handled no differently.

An essential key to good preplanning for your funeral is communication: with the funeral home and with your family. Everybody should know what your plans are and where important paperwork is located.

Preplanning your funeral can give you and your family peace of mind. It relieves your family of the emotional and financial burden, and it eliminates the question of whether they did what you would have wanted.

Part of preplanning your funeral should be considering burial or cremation insurance. These policies are specifically designed to cover funeral expenses. The easiest way to get burial or cremation insurance in place is to convert an amount of existing insurance you already have. You can talk with your insurance agent to look at policies and decide which ones can be converted to a burial or cremation policy.

Some people, as part of their preplanning, give the policy to the funeral home to keep with their funeral plans, while other people make sure that the person who will handle their affairs, including their death, have access to the policy.

Preplanning your funeral also means specifying the cemetery where you want to be buried (or how you want your cremated remains to be handled) and what kind of service you want, either by funeral service or memorial service.

If you’re an honorably-discharged military veteran, you are entitled to funeral benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs. All the funeral home director will need to make arrangements for that is a copy – not the original – of your military separation orders (DD-214).

Another advantage of preplanning your funeral is that you can get everything that may be needed in one place. This includes your medical information, all your family and friends’ contact information, all your financial information (including credit cards), your powers of attorney, and your will or revocable trust. Be sure to include all your digital information (put on a flash drive) as well, including email accounts and passwords, social media accounts logins and passwords, online bank and financial accounts logins and passwords, and any online shopping account (such as Amazon) logins and passwords.

Families can get in disarray during funerals because everybody is stressed out and emotions are running high. Not preplanning your funeral services can make this disarray explode into heated arguments, at the least, and long-lasting rifts or splits, at the most. Preserve as much of your family’s internal peace as possible by preplanning your funeral, so that they don’t have to stress over every detail.

Another advantage of preplanning your funeral means that you get to write your own obituary, design your own service (readings, scriptures, music), and you get to decide how you want your graveside service to be. Having control of those details is an important part of getting to the place where you’ve accepted that someday you are going to die and you have the assurance that your death will be handled exactly as you wish.

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