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There are many different types of services you can have with funeral homes Dayton Ohio when a loved one passes on. If you decide that you’d like to remember the good times instead of focusing on death, a life celebration might feel like the right move to make. You may never have planned such an event before, and that’s okay. The funeral home professionals have and they are there to give you the information you need to make the right decisions. Here are some planning tips.

Consider Livestreaming The Event

You might want to livestream the celebration of life so your family members who live far away or friends who can’t make it have the opportunity to attend, even in a virtual way. There’s nothing like being there in person, but livestreaming the event can allow people who can’t be there otherwise to see what happens and honor your loved one in their own way. It’s something that is possible today and something you might want to consider.

Include Food

Celebrations usually have food and you will want to consider that for your own life celebration event. It you are having the event near a mealtime, that might mean a full meal, or sandwiches and chips. If you have the event at an off meal time, you can have snacks, desserts, drinks, and other such things. Consider your budget and look into catering, potluck, and other such options.

Remember Pictures

Most memorial services have pictures of some kind and that can be the light of any celebration of life as well. Consider printing out a variety of pictures of your loved one in various joyous states of their life and spread them throughout the event. You can put framed photos on the food table, have scrapbooks out, and even run a memorial video slide show in the background of the event.

Customize The Details

Whatever you decide to do for the celebration, you will want to customize every detail so your loved one’s personality and style shines through. If they had a favorite color, use it. If there was a certain band they liked, play their music and so on. The more customized the details are, the more special the event will feel.

Make It Light-Hearted

funeral homes Dayton OhioLife celebrations are supposed to be just that, celebrations. You want to decide on activities and other things that will make the event feel like a party. It should be much more light-hearted than a funeral, which is generally somber and sad. You want to celebrate a life well-lived and go over the good times instead of dwelling on death.

There are lots of things you can consider doing for a loved one’s life celebration and funeral homes Dayton Ohio can help you to figure out what directions you want to take. They are filled with suggestions, ideas, and options to consider. It will help you to get started down the right path for honoring your loved one in the way you see fit for their services. Visit our facilities now.

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