Planning a Memorial Service after Cremation

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Planning A Memorial Service After Cremation Services Dayton OH 002

Part of the cremation services offered in Dayton, OH include helping bereaved families plan memorial services for their loved ones. Memorial services are different from funeral services in some important ways.

Usually, a funeral service has the deceased loved one present in the casket (it may be opened or closed). The funeral service takes place before the burial service at the gravesite. Funeral services may be held for people who are going to be cremated. The cremation, however, doesn’t take place until after the funeral service.

A memorial service, on the other hand, takes place after a loved one has been cremated. It may be held weeks or months later, and its format is often more personalized and flexible than that of funeral services, which generally follow a more structured format.

For many people, planning a memorial service can feel daunting. But creating a memorial service can actually be therapeutic, and it often serves as a way to channel grief into a meaningful expression of love and remembrance. In addition, you will find there are guidelines in place that can help walk you through most of these tasks. And remember that you’re not alone as you begin to plan an appropriate tribute to your loved one.

The first two things you will encounter are the obituary, which lists basic information about the deceased,, and the eulogy, which is given as a series of either formal or informal remarks during the memorial service itself. The eulogy can be very solemn, or it can be filled with laughter over shared memories. Generally it’s a combination of the two, and it will often include both solemn remembrances as well as warm, uplifting stories that everyone present can appreciate.

Once you have taken care of the obituary and assigned those who will be giving the eulogy or eulogies, you can turn your attention to the service itself.

Think about the music that was most meaningful to the person who has passed, and incorporate it into the memorial service.

Choose readings, poems, psalms, or excerpts which you’d like included as a part of the service, and also choose any visual reminders and mementos to display as part of the service. Many people choose to display things like photo albums, student yearbooks, or engagement and wedding photos, and will also display mementos that were personally meaningful to the deceased.

One of the most beautiful ways to honor your loved one is to assemble a slideshow or video that portrays the best moments of your loved one’s life. Make use of technology to create amazing effects. This video or slideshow can run on a continual loop as people come in and mingle during both the service and the reception following.

If there is a reception, you will need to plan for food. Usually, potlucks are the easiest on everyone, with each mourner – not the family – bringing dishes and drinks. Make sure there are plenty of food and drink offerings that can accommodate any dietary requirements or restrictions that guests may have (always make sure some vegetarian options are available and that non-sugary drinks, such as water and coffee, are available).

Finally you will need to decide how you would like to handle the remains following the memorial service. Again this is a highly personal decision, and there are many options.

The most important thing to understand about planning a memorial service is to understand that the service doesn’t only serve as a tribute to your loved one, but it also offers a way for you and others who knew your loved one to come together and share grief, comfort, and support.

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