How to Design the Perfect Funeral Program

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Your loved one has passed, and it’s time to plan the funeral with Dayton Ohio funeral homes. You want to ensure that everything is perfect: from the music to the casket, to the words you speak. But what about the funeral program? This essential part of your funeral can make or break how people feel about your loved one’s service. We’ve got some tips for designing the perfect funeral program that will make everyone feel welcome, honored, and ready to celebrate life.

The Template or Design of internal Pages

The template or design of internal pages is the first thing you should consider when designing your funeral program. This includes the inside cover, the inside pages, and the back cover. First, you will want to choose a color scheme that works well with your overall design. Black and white are always classic choices, but if you are working with a bolder color scheme, you may want to use them sparingly so that it does not overwhelm the rest of your design. Next, decide what typeface you want to use for your text, and make sure it matches the rest of your design. If possible, try to use a typeface that has been around for some time so that it is recognizable by many people. Finally, ensure everything lines up correctly on each page and is spaced evenly throughout each section. Therefore, there aren’t any gaps between words or letters.

The cover of the Funeral Program

It’s crucial to get the cover of your funeral program right. After all, it’s the first thing people will see when they look at it. The cover should be simple and elegant, with a touch of color that reflects your loved one’s personality. Consider using their favorite color or a photo of them smiling, if you have one. Don’t go overboard with details. It could make the whole thing look cluttered and difficult to read. Use simple fonts that are easy on the eye, like Arial or Times New Roman, and keep it clean!

The Funeral Order of Service Page

The funeral service page is where you can personalize your funeral program. You’ll be able to enter the deceased’s name, date of birth, and death, as well as other information like the location of the funeral service and its time. You can even add a picture to this section if you’ve got one handy! You can also add the names of eulogists and other speakers who will be speaking at your service. This section is ideal for including quotes from those speakers or even adding a musical selection for them to play during their speeches. It’s perfect for summarizing a life well-lived.

The Obituary Page

The obituary page is an essential part of any funeral program. It gives a brief, but detailed account of a person’s life, including their:

  • Date and place of birth
  • Date and place of death
  • Family members and friends who are left behind
  • Hobbies or achievements they were most proud of
    and any other important information that might be of interest to guests at the service.

The Memorials and Tributes Page

The memorials and tributes page is the page where you can share the stories of your loved one’s life. The memories and photos you share with us will be included in their program and displayed during the service. You may also include a message from you to your loved one, which will be read aloud during the service. We encourage you to speak from the heart. This is an ideal opportunity to share what made them special with their family, friends, and community.Dayton Ohio funeral homes

Make a memory last

If you’re looking to design the perfect funeral program with Dayton Ohio funeral homes, we hope this guide has been helpful. We know that every situation is different, and no one wants to have to plan a funeral for themselves or their loved ones. We’re here for you when life throws you curveballs like this, it’s good to have someone who will catch them! Get more about information of our services or have any questions, you can contact us now!

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