How Social Media Can Help with Grief

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Being Prepared for Death
October 5, 2020
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October 19, 2020
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After cremation services offered in Englewood, OH, you will begin the most intense part of the grieving process. As the shock and numbness from your loved one’s death dissipates, family members and friends leave, and everybody else returns to their own lives. Then you are left alone to take care of all the things that accompany death and to handle the reality of your loved one’s death and absence.

This can be a very isolating experience and it can seem as though you are all by yourself in the grieving process. As you sort through memories of your life with your loved one, whether it’s cleaning out closets, dressers, and desks or it’s going through old letters and pictures, or it’s simply passing by something your loved one wore or a present that your loved one gave you, you will find your grief gets even stronger. You begin to realize that your life is never going to be the same again.

Sharing photos of your loved one online, therefore, can be very therapeutic for you. While you may not actually know all the people that you’re connected to through social media, still all of those relationships have been developed and cultivated on some level.

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So, by being able to share photos of your loved one and the thoughts and feelings of your grief, you can get comfort and support from your social connections. Doing this can reduce some of the sad feelings of being all alone and feeling like nobody else cares about you and what you’re going through. It can also take ease some of the feeling that you are isolated in your grief.

What sharing photos on social media does psychologically is to let you reflect on the emotions of grief and loss that you are experiencing and to feel more connection to the memories of your loved one. It also invites other people to share their memories of your loved one, if they knew them, and to offer comfort even if they didn’t know them.

It may take time for you to make the move to share photos of your loved one online. Everyone processes with death and grief very differently.

Some people start sharing their grief immediately, while other people grieve more privately. Some people, for a few weeks or months, avoid anything that reminds them of their loved one because the reminder of their loss is too painful for them.

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Whether you wait to share photos of your loved one online and share your memories of them and your feelings about their death or you start sharing photos right away and excavate all the memories of your loved one is a personal choice.

cremation services offered in Englewood, OHNo one else knows how you feel and what you’re going through except you, and you don’t have to explain your choices. While people may feel they have the right to criticize, judge, and, sadly, condemn your decisions, they do not. Do what is most comfortable for you.

When you decide to share your photos and memories of your loved one online, it will be the right time for you. You will be ready to talk and you will be ready to reach out for the support you need and the social interaction you want. It will be an incredible source of comfort for you as you go through the grieving process.

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