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October 3, 2022
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Whether you have a funeral or memorial service for a loved one who has passed on, the Dayton, OH funeral home has ideas and options available for whatever type of service you choose to have. One thing you might do, for example, is set up a memorial display. At any type of service, this can be a nice thing for guests to look at, reminisce, and look back on the good times they had with that person. It can also illustrate who the person was and special, unique things about them. Here are a few ideas that you mot want to incorporate into the display.

Pictures Are Key

Many families put together picture boards, books, or displays of their loved one and that’s always a great place to start. That might be all you include and if so, that’s plenty. You might try to highlight key parts of their life, putting baby photos, graduation pictures, a wedding shot, and something recent, among others. Highlighting these milestones in their life along with some other important things they enjoyed doing can help everyone to remember them in different ways.

Showcase Hobbies

Most people have hobbies and your loved one enjoyed certain things that you can showcase at their display table. Maybe they had some mini-electric cars that they loved to race around their driveway. Bring one of those out. Perhaps they were known for always having fresh chocolate chip cookies on the table. Bring some or post their recipe for people to see to remember the taste and smell of those goodies. Whatever they enjoyed the most, consider highlighting that at their memorial table to bring up even more memories.

Display Collections

Many people like to collect things and your loved one’s adoration of certain items can say a lot about them as well. Whether they collected books, statutes of a certain type, pennies from another era, or anything else, bringing a few of those special items to display can help to show off another part of their personality to the people attending their services.

Add Handwriting Samples

You likely have some things your loved one wrote and you might want to put up a few of those postcards or notes so people can see their handwriting. Maybe they wrote you a postcard from their last vacation and you can put that up next to a picture of them on that vacation. Perhaps you have a recipe with their writing on it. Many people will recognize their scrawl as something they received or saw at some point, too.

Allow People To AddDayton OH funeral homes

A memorial display is something you can invite others to participate in, if you choose to do so. Ask people to bring their own pictures or items that remind them of your loved one to contribute to the display. They can take the items back at the end of the service, perhaps. It can be a nice way to get people a hand in the memorial. If you need more ideas, the Dayton, OH funeral home can help reach out to us.

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