Funeral Home Services – Inside Or Out?

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When you need to have a final for your loved one who has passed on, funeral homes Dayton Ohio are here to help you figure out the details. One decision you will have to make is where you are going to have the services. Do you want to have them inside or outside, for example. There are a few things you will want to consider when you think about whether you will have things inside or outside.

Weathering The Elements

Weather can do all sorts of things when you live in this area of the country, depending on the season. You will want to think about that aspect with great care before you make a decision one way or the other. Weather outside can be unpredictable. It could rain or be overly hot. The wind could be high and so on. If you really want an outdoor service, keep the season in mind and plan for it. It’s also a good idea to have a backup indoor location, or perhaps a backup date in case the elements get in the way. For indoor locations, you and your guests are protected from the elements and they don’t have to play as large of a part in the day.

The Cost Aspect

You are likely going to have to pay for a spot at an indoor venue, whether you use a church or a funeral home. It can be worth it to have the shelter and it’s nice to have professionals on hand helping with things as well. Outside, depending on the location, you might have to pay, or you might be able to do something small for free. You don’t have to worry as much about costs, perhaps. You are going to want to check out the prices on the indoor or outdoor locations you consider before deciding.

Unique Decoration Options

Both inside and outside locations give you unique decoration options. Outdoor locations can allow you natural décor with the beauty of the sky, the sun’s warmth, nearby trees, flowers, and so on. Inside, you can bring in flowers, photos, and anything else you want. You don’t have the natural beauty of the outdoors, but you can do anything you want to decorate.


Either location has accessibility challenges, perhaps, and you will want to think about that as you move toward a certain option. Consider parking for either location, how people with mobility issues might get there, and how easy it is for other family to locate it and get there with ease. That’s important.

Help With Servicesfuneral homes Dayton Ohio

When you choose certain indoor locations, you are going to have help with the funeral services. The funeral home professionals will do everything when you have the service in the funeral home, for example. You might not have that kind of help in an outdoor location and that’s something to consider as well.

When you consider the options, funeral homes Dayton Ohio are there to help you decide based on the information they have available to you. Reach out to us now.

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