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It might be disheartening to see other family members picking up and moving on after you lose someone close among you. Their grief seems to be moving forward, so why do you feel so stuck? One thing the Dayton, OH funeral home wants you to understand is that the grieving process is always completely unique. Even if you have lost someone before, this time will be different. And your grief is going to be different than those around you. Don’t feel bad that your grief doesn’t seem to be moving as fast as someone else’s. Instead, figure out how you will move yourself forward. That might mean looking into grief counseling. Here are a few reasons you might want to consider this option for yourself.

You Have Severe Physical Symptoms Of Grief

While grieving is emotional, it can take a toll on you physically as well and it can even set in and cause physical symptoms within you. If you have a headache that won’t go away, body aches, constant fatigue, and other physical things going on that don’t seem to have an explanation, it could be the grief. Counseling can help you to alleviate those symptoms as you move forward with your life.

Nothing Makes You Happy

You can’t remember the last time you smiled, laughed, and felt truly happy. Your life is different now and things are never going to be the same, but your loved one is gone and you will have to find a way to move forward. If you aren’t getting joy from anything, even the things and people you love the most, counseling can help you to figure out how to appreciate the things you enjoy again.

The Grief Is Getting Worse

Have you ever heard that time heals all wounds? Someone may have even said that to you around your loved one’s final services. It’s not a very helpful thing to hear and it’s not actually even true. What is true, however, is that time will help you to feel better—or it should. With time, you learn to live with the grief and adjust to a new normal in your life. But if that doesn’t feel like what’s happening with you and if your grief is actually getting worse at time passes, find a counselor to help you to turn things around.

You Feel Isolated

Dayton OH funeral homeNo one should be along through the grieving process. There might be times when you feel like being alone with your grief, and that’s okay, but that should not be the norm. If you never accept invites, you find reasons to keep people from stopping by, and you don’t even bother answering the phone or texts anymore, you are isolating yourself and that’s not going to help anyone. The counselor can help you to figure out how to let people in again.

The Dayton, OH funeral home you worked with to care for your loved one is still there and cares about you, too. Give them a call for counselor references and grief resources. Visit our facilities now for any of our services.

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