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There are a lot of mistruths and myths out there. And many of them sound real. There’s so much information online today, it’s hard to know what you can believe and what you shouldn’t. When it comes to cemeteries and burial process, the professionals at Dayton, OH funeral homes are here to help you get the information you need to make the right decisions for a loved one, or for yourself in advance. Here are some of the things you might have heard, and the actual truth.

Embalming Is Meant To Keep Your Loved One Preserved Forever

Embalming is an optional service that is commonly used for people who want to have visitation, funeral, and burial services. IF the casket is opened, it’s a good service to add to the general funeral services. The person who died is treated with chemicals by a professional that helps them to maintain their appearance—for the time being. However, embalming is not meant to keep that person preserved in their current form forever. Once they are buried, the chemicals will wear off and deterioration will begin. Use embalming to preserve the person for services, but don’t use it to preserve them once they are buried. It doesn’t work that way. If you aren’t having an open casket, there’s no reason to embalm.

Professionals Must Run The Burial Service

When you have the funeral service, your family and friend group will likely process to the cemetery for the burial portion of the service. Sometimes, if you had someone presiding over the funeral, like a pastor or funeral home celebrant, that person might go to the cemetery as well and continue the service with you there. However, that’s not required. You can run that service yourself, have a moment of silence, let a relative share a story, sing a song, or something else. While you are welcome to have a professional there presiding over the service, it’s not required.

Certain Caskets Preserve Remains

There are a lot of different caskets on the market and some are going to protect the person inside better than others. However, like with embalming, nothing is going to stop the natural processes from occurring at some point. Your loved one’s remains are going to deteriorate so it’s wise not to choose a casket trying to protect them forever. It won’t work. Some caskets, like metal, can stop the elements from getting in, but deterioration will still happen.

Larger Headstones Are Better For Honor Dayton OH funeral home

When you give your loved one the funeral services they need, you are honoring them. Burials are honorable. And, really, any headstone you place on their grave is going to be unique and special. Larger headstones are, well, larger, but they aren’t any more honorable. You don’t have to get something huge to show your love and care for a person.

When you work with Dayton, OH funeral homes, they can help you with any questions you have about the funeral and burial processes so you can make the proper decisions. Contact us now.

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