A Funeral Dilemma

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A Funeral Dilemma Funeral Homes in Kettering OH

With funerals at funeral homes in Kettering, OH, visitations and funeral services may be a part of the funeral arrangements. With some visitations, the casket is present in the funeral parlor, but it stays closed through both the visitation and the funeral service. However, with many visitations, the casket is open, with the deceased person lying inside in repose.

Have you ever wondered why a casket would remain closed during the visitation and the funeral service? There are a few reasons why the casket would stay closed.

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One reason might be that the family is not able to bear to see their loved one dead. They decide that they want their last memories of their loved one to be when they were alive and living life to the fullest. They don’t want the picture of their deceased loved one to be the last memory of they have of them.

Another reason why a casket could be closed is because the deceased person isn’t in any shape to be seen. The deceased could have died because of a disease that caused their body to waste away. Or a horrible accident could have so disfigured the diseased person that it would be unbearable for anyone to see them like that.

Perhaps, the deceased was a victim of a violent crime that left their bodies mangled. Or the deceased may have chosen to take their own life in a very violent manner.

However, if the casket is open during the visitation, should it remain open during the funeral service? While there isn’t a right or wrong answer to this question, a lot of people have very strong feelings about it on both sides.

Sometimes, the funeral director doesn’t ask if the family wants the casket open or closed during the funeral service. Instead, they will follow the protocol of their funeral homes, unless they are asked by the family to leave the casket open or to close it.

If the casket is closed after the visitation, the funeral director will usher the family into a private room while the casket is closed. After the casket is closed, the funeral director will bring the family back into the funeral parlor for the funeral service.

Believe it or not, this can be really hard on the family because as the family walks out of the room, they know that’s their last goodbye to their loved one. They’re on view for all the mourners to see, so although the family may want to say goodbye to their loved one in a different way, they have only a few seconds to stoically walk by the casket.

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As the family sits in the private room, they obviously know what’s happening in the funeral parlor. It’s very emotional to sit there and wait, knowing what’s happening 10 or 15 feet away from them, and walking back in to see the casket closed is also very emotional.

funeral homes in Kettering, OHHowever, some people believe this is the right thing to do before the funeral service starts. Therefore, they can be shocked when they’re at a funeral service where the casket remains open during the service.

An open casket during the funeral service really is easier on the bereaved family. Having the casket open during the funeral service also gives the family the opportunity to say goodbye to their loved one in a way that doesn’t feel so rushed or so final. Because the casket doesn’t get closed until the grieving family leaves the funeral home, they don’t have to cope being a part of that jarring experience.

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